Italian Alps

The high mountains of Italy are divided into the alps, which are near the Swiss/French border and the Dolomites, which are further to the east. Several of our tours visit both mountain ranges but it is difficult to have one tour which encompasses both properly. While the Italian Alps are essentially part of the main alpine range that extends from France through Switzerland to Austria, the Dolomites are truly unique in their appearance.

The jagged mountain peaks rise sharply from valley floors and nowhere is this more pronounced when viewed from within the valley running north/south from Tobblach to Cortina d'Ampezzo at the northern end of the Dolomites. Dubbed the "Valley of the Giants", this breathtaking entry into the Dolomites has all the hallmarks of a lunar landscape, once one casts their eyes above the treeline. Jagged peaks which resemble broken off teeth rise 1-2 kilometres straight up on either side of the valley floor no more than 1 kilometre apart.

Our tours usually enter the Dolomites through this valley, almost purely for the "wow" factor. Snow can be seen at the tops of the peaks almost all year round and once over the Passo Cimabanche, the descent into Cortina is no less exciting. Cortina and more specifcally, Pocol just a few kilometres outside of Cortina on the Passo Falzareggo, were featured in the James Bond movie, "For Your Eyes Only".

Let us take you to these exciting regions of Italy on one of our tours. Check itineraries for ones which encompass the Italian Alps or the Dolomites and we will be happy to share them with you!