Swiss Alps/ Dolomites

Day 1 Zurich (Switzerland) to Bassersdorf

Arrive in Zurich, Switzerland and be transferred via the Alpine Cycle Tours mini bus to Bassersdorf in time for our first tour group dinner which is at our expense.

Day 2 Bassersdorf to Andermatt

We transit to Andermatt in the south and is amongst the largest mountains in Switzerland. Our first port of call after leaving the Zurich and the Appenzell region by bus is Andermatt which is a quintessential Swiss town and lies at the virtual intersection of two large valleys deep in the Swiss Alps. From here we have a choice of three different cycling adventures.

Day 3 Andermatt

On day one we ride a selection of the passes in the loop of the Furkha, Grimsel and Susten Passes. These are all very spectacular but with the bus close at hand you can choose which of the three you do. Alternatively we can do an equally spectacular group of passes to the south of Andermatt which loop into Italy and back via the Furkha, the Nufenen and the St Gottardo.

Day 4 Andermatt

Day two we do a group of passes a little to the north of there by transiting to Altdorf and climbing the Klausen Pass. We decend into Glarus and commence one of the prettiest passes in Switzerland, the Pragel, which has the pristine Klontaler See as a backdrop for the first few kilometres. This landscape on this day is almost unrivalled in Switzerland with magnificent views from the bike of Lake Lucerne for many, many kilometres on the run back into Altdorf. We then transit back to Andermatt.

Day 5 Andermatt to Bergun

We leave the friendly town of Andermatt and strike east across Switzerland to what is reputed to be one of the most breathtakingly situated towns in all of Switzerland, Bergun! We get into Bergun quite early so there is plenty of time to wander round town and see the sights.

Day 6 Bergun

Bergun has a magic all of its own. Few English-speaking tourists ever come here as it is well off the beaten track but from here we can ride out over the Albula Pass under the massive arch bridges of the famous red train cog railway and up the valley to the Fleula Pass and descend the sweeping bends on the other side of the Fleula, the arcs of which almost do not require braking! It is a unique experience!

Day 7 Bergun to Rabland (Italy)

We bid farewell to Bergun but head further east bound for the Dolomites of Italy, which they themselves are unique in the world. We don’t get there in one day but stop in Rabland after a day with a little gentle riding just to stretch the legs and take in the mountain air and scenery en route.

Day 8 Rabland to Cortina d’Ampezzo

We enter Cortina through an incredible “Valley of the Giants” as I call it – mountains on either side of the road stretching straight up for almost a kilometre. We ride this section into Cortina and can begin to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this summer and winter playground of Italy’s rich and famous.

Day 9 Cortina d’Ampezzo

Great riding is all around Cortina. On day one we ride up the Passo d Falzareggo and back to Cortina. As Cortina is situated at about 1200 metres and the surrounding passes are at about 2100 a climb is never more than a thousand metres from the bottom. It sounds a lot but by now you have become so much fitter that this is easier than you think and you can do more than you ever thought possible!

Day 10 Cortina d’Ampezzo

The next day sees us ride to the unforgettable Lake Misurina with its unparalleled views of the Marmarole section of the Dolomites. The view as you sip a coffee on the terrace of the cafe looking south over the lake toward these mountains is so spectacular it plays tricks on your eyes!

Day 11 Cortina d’Ampezzo to Flirsch (Austria)

Finally we must say goodbye again to our third home on this tour and transit back toward Austria over the Reschen Pass. We stop in Flirsch and stay in a charming hotel with roman baths and saunas and spas in a mosaic underground. Just thing to help you unwind and relax at the end of the riding section of the tour.

Day 12 Flirsch to Schaefler

We transit most of the day to the bottom of the cable car we need to get us to get us most of the way to our mountain chateau, Schaefler. A short alpine walk brings us to our mountain chateau which offers us absolutely indescribable views of the Austrian Vorarlbergs, Lake Constance, Bavaria, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Alps! We enjoy the hospitality of the local Swiss mountaineers in this cosy chateau built over a hundred years ago at an altitude of nearly 2,000 metres!

Day 13 Schaefler to Zurich

The tour is nearly over as we transit back to Zurich for onward connections.