About Us

Alpine Cycle Tours and Alpine Walking Tours were established in 1997 and capitalise on the personal experience of a dedicated group of Australians who know and understand cycling and hiking in and around the Alpine regions of Europe and New Zealand.

European tour groups are managed by Chris Varcoe and several tours are organised each European summer between June and September, depending on the level of bookings taken. Groups are kept small, up to 8 riders and and 8 walkers and tours are pre-determined, except in the case of group bookings that request a tailor-made tour that suits their specific requirements.

New Zealand cycling tours are organised in March and November each year and dates other than those on the website can be requested.

Cycle Tour holidays are not run in conjunction with Walking Tours holidays. Both involve different dates and itineraries and need to be booked separately.

While tours are organised from an Australian base, riders and walkers are free to join them from United States, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain as well as from different countries in Europe by meeting at the pre-determined departure point.

Chris Varcoe and his team have an intimate knowledge of the alpine areas of the five countries on offer and are able to ensure that all riders and walkers enjoy the hospitality of the townsfolk and the charm of their historic communities and villages, not to mention the thrill of riding and walking through some of the most picturesque country to be encountered anywhere in the world.

Chris speaks fluent English and German and has spent several years living, working, riding and hiking as well as racing bikes in Europe and as a result has been able to put together a variety of tours pitched to meet the needs of almost any cyclist or walker who is enthusiastic about their sport.

Feel free to contact us about any aspect of our operation regardless of your level of interest as we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

While you may wish to e-mail us through the connections available on this website or request a colour brochure. You may also wish to phone us as well.